How You Can Be Involved
Jan 15

How You Can Be Involved

January 15, 2024 - 6 months ago

Access to mental health resources remains a significant hurdle for many young Australians. The stigma surrounding mental health issues can deter people from seeking help, perpetuating a cycle of suffering in silence. This year, we’re ‘changing the game’.

Urban Rec is calling our community to come together in 2024 to support our cause. Here are some ways to help us, “Change The Game”. 


Each session covers the signs and symptoms of mental ill health, how to start the conversation and how to support an individual going through a mental health challenge. The next session has free tickets available now. 

Donate $50 to get a kid or an adult into ORGANISED sport

Sport is a recreational privilege, we know that. You can donate $50 which will go directly to kids or adults that do not have the money to pay for the access. Urban Rec have started the year by adding 20 vouchers for anyone who needs them. 

Attend one of our charity Tournaments

The next one is happening in Wollongong on Feb 11, The Superbowl Flag Gridiron Tournament. All the proceeds from these Charity Events are donated to OTLR. Plus, you get an amazing day out, in the sun, playing sport!

Get Involved in Mates In March (9k’s in 9 days)

This March we are partnering with OTLR for their initiative, Mates In March. We lose 9 people to suicide each month, this March, walk or run 9 kms for any 9 days during the month. Then, spread the word on social media. 


All the merch available within our shop goes directly to our Association, raising funds for partner charities or making sport accessible to other minorities. 

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Pulse Perks Members
Jan 5

Pulse Perks Members

January 5, 2024 - 6 months ago

Student, faculty or staff at UOW in 2024? → Join Pulse Perks! It’s an epic way to get sweet deals on campus and sometimes Pulse Perks members will score extra promotional giveaways!

And best bit about being a Pulse Perks member?!  You’ll get a cheeky discount playing with Urban Rec too!

If you’re looking to use your Pulse Perks benefit to play with Urban Rec, please note the following T&Cs:

  • $15 off any registration (individual or team) – 1 per person (i.e. you cannot use your membership for another person)
  • If you are registering as a team, the Pulse Perks membership = $15 off team registration – 1 per team.
    • If multiple players on your team are Pulse Perks members, each player must register as an individual player and the $15 discount will be off the regular individual player price. 
  • The discount cannot be applied with other discounts.

If you have any questions, reach out to [email protected]

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Jun 30


June 30, 2023 - one year ago

What’s up players?!! Did you know that social basketball is played in almost all of Urban Rec’s locations around Australia? If you're keen on having a ripper time on the court and shooting hoops with your mates, then social basketball is where it's at! Whether you're a seasoned baller or just starting out, we've got a few tips to help you make the most of your game and avoid any rookie mistakes. Grab your sneakers and let's get into it!

First things first, it's all about teamwork. Our basketball leagues are more about having fun rather than winning championships (okay okay we know winning is awesome but having fun is actually better!). Make sure you communicate with your team and play off each other's strengths. 

Now, let's talk about defense! Playing solid D can make a huge difference in the game. Get in your opponent's face, use your wingspan, and don't be afraid to get a bit physical. Just don't go overboard and commit any fouls that'll earn you a trip to the bench! Keep it friendly and have a laugh along the way.

When it comes to shooting, practice makes perfect!. Hit up the local court or your backyard and work on your jump shot. Get your aim right, focus on your form, and don't forget to follow through with that flick of the wrist! If you miss a shot, no worries, mate. Keep your chin up and hustle for the rebound. There's always another opportunity to sink that three-pointer!

Another thing to keep in mind is fitness. Basketball can be a real cardio workout, so make sure you're in decent nick so you don’t let your teammates down. Run some laps, do some sprints, and get those lungs pumping. Don't forget to stretch before and after the game to avoid any injuries. The last thing you want to do is pull out of your game! That ain’t fun.

Lastly, don't be a ball hog. Sharing is caring, and in social basketball, everyone deserves a fair go. Pass the ball, involve your teammates, and make sure everyone gets their fair share of play time. Remember, the more everyone gets involved, the more fun it'll be for everyone!

So there you have it, there’s a few handy tips to keep in mind for your social basketball sessions. Play hard, have a laugh, and enjoy the banter with your mates. Just remember, it's not all about the scoreboard, but about the good times you'll have both on and off the court. Now go out there, give it a red-hot crack, and may the basketball gods be on your side!

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Jun 29


June 29, 2023 - one year ago

Did you know that you burn an estimate of 449 calories in a 45 minute netball game? That is equivalent to 4 Gin and Tonics or 2 chocolate bars!

Netball is an epic sport that can help with a common new year's resolution almost all of us have. Do you have any guesses as to what we’re referring to? It’s weightloss! Netball is fast-paced as the nature of the game involves constant running, jumping, and changes in direction. You’re going to start working up a sweat within 5 minutes of playing and while you’re catching your breath, don’t give up just yet. Be sure to remember that playing netball helps to increase cardiovascular fitness, burn fat, and improve muscle tone. 

We mentioned that running and jumping are a part of netball but how does someone actually lose weight while playing netball? The thing is, you need to move quickly and efficiently using a combination of strength, agility, and coordination to outmaneuver opponents and score points. The intensity of the game means that players can burn a significant number of calories in a relatively short amount of time, making netball a great option for those looking to lose weight. Playing for a short time and burning a lot of calories sounds like a dream come true really! 

While netball is super great for weight loss, it is also a social sport that can help to improve mental wellbeing. Joining a netball team can provide a sense of camaraderie and belonging, as well as the opportunity to meet new people and make friends. This social aspect can be particularly beneficial for those who may be struggling with weight loss and looking for support and encouragement from others. Playing netball can also help to reduce stress and anxiety, which can be a common trigger for overeating or unhealthy food choices.

Here at Urban Rec, we love to support our community in achieving their goals. Whether it’s about trying to lose weight, learning a new sport, making new friends or all three and much more! Netball is a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and fitness levels which is what Urban rec is all about! Urban Rec provides a sustainable and enjoyable way to incorporate regular exercise into your lifestyle, leading to long-term weight loss and improved overall health.

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Jun 29


June 29, 2023 - one year ago

Hey legends! We’re always saying Urban Rec is more than sports but do you know why? There’s a reason why you’re reading our blog so we think you already know the answer to that question. We’d love to let you know how freaking amazing sport is for your social skills. Here's the lowdown on how getting in the game can level up your social game:

  1. Teamwork makes the dream work: Playing sports with a team teaches you how to work together towards a common goal. You gotta communicate, coordinate, and trust your teammates. This helps you develop awesome teamwork skills that transfer to real-life situations like group projects or even just hanging out with your crew.

  2. Making friends: Sports are a bloody awesome way to meet new people and make friends. Whether you're joining a team or just playing casually, you're bound to meet fellow sports enthusiasts who share your passion. You share the highs, the lows, and the bloody awesome moments, which creates a bond that's stronger than a crocodile's grip.

  3. Winning and losing gracefully: Sports teach you how to handle victories and defeats. You gotta learn to celebrate the wins without being a sore winner and accept losses without throwing a major tantrum. This helps you develop sportsmanship and resilience, which are key qualities for handling setbacks in life with a positive attitude.

  4. Communication on fleek: When you're in the game, communication is key, ya hear us? You’ve got to shout out plays, call for passes, and support your teammates. Effective communication on the field translates to real-life situations, where you gotta express yourself clearly, listen actively, and understand others. It's like leveling up your social interaction skills! A win-win!

  5. Respect all around: Sports teach you to respect your opponents, teammates, and officials. You learn to play fair, follow the rules, and treat everyone with respect, regardless of their skills or background. This respect carries over into your everyday life, making you a bloody legend to be around.

So, there you have it, mate! Sports give you the chance to develop killer social skills and that’s one of the things we love about Urban Rec. It’s more than sport. You practice teamwork, making friends, handling wins and losses, communication, and respect. Get out there, play hard, and watch your social game level up to epic awesomeness!

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June 22, 2023 - one year ago

This Naidoc week Urban Rec asked artist, Urban Rec Member and proud proud Ngunnawal, Bundjalung and Kamilaroi woman Shaenice Miles to create an artwork that represents our community. Shaenice wanted to create something to represent the amazing community Urban Rec creates. We are so excited and proud to have something that represents us so well.


This Naidoc week we will be selling a limited edition (80 only) Narragunnawali shirts with all proceeds going to National Aboriginal Sporting Chance Academy, who use sport and mentoring to engage young people, build self esteem and enable a strong sense of autonomy through personal development. You can find out more about the amazing work NASCA is doing or donate directly here.

Get the squad together and get a new kit or just get yourself some epic swag while helping an amazing organisation. Pre-order your shirt here. There’s only 80 and its first in, best dressed. Shirts are $35 with all proceeds going to NASCA.


Narragunnawali (English Translation Coming Together)
The Artwork I wanted to create was something to represent the amazing community Urban Rec creates and will create. Each component of the artwork – the middle bit is a meeting circle with each of the community members coming together to play sports. There are footprints representing the different journeys and diverse backgrounds we all come from. The different meeting circles at the bottom is all cultures coming together to represent Reconciliation. The dots is to represent all the sports and sporting levels each individual brings. The blue, orange and yellow bit represents everyone coming together during different seasons and times throughout the year.


My name is Shaenice Miles, and I am a proud Ngunnawal, Bundjalung and Kamilaroi woman. I have grown up in Canberra and have been amongst the Urban Rec community playing social basketball. The one thing I love about Urban Rec is the social community, and friends you get to connect with.


This Naidoc week Urban Rec is coming together with our community doing the following to celebrate the first nations people of this wonderful country we call home.

  • We’ve partnered with artist proud Ngunnawal, Bundjalung and Kamilaroi woman Shaenice Miles to create Narragunnawali a design that represents our community.
  • We’ve created a limited edition shirt using the design which we are selling with all proceeds going to the National Aboriginal Sporting Chance Academy.
  • We’ve changed all of our sports locations to include the (land) that they are located on.
  • We’re adding an acknowledgement to country into our League Managers first day on ground team welcomes with the help of indigenous leaders.

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Gender Identity Inclusion, Rule Updates, Pride Round 2023
Feb 17

Gender Identity Inclusion, Rule Updates, Pride Round 2023

February 17, 2023 - one year ago

Urban Rec is proud to announce that we have recently updated our gender identity options across member profiles, the registration process, and rules within our club. 

While Urban Rec has always been LGBTQI+ friendly, the functionality of being able to offer places on team rosters for those that don’t identify as man or woman, has not been possible…Till now. 

We believe that all Australian’s should have access to social sports. We welcome all people, of any gender identity to join Urban Rec and benefit from the physical and mental health benefits that come with playing social sport. Urban Rec aims to provide a supportive and inclusive space for everyone, now and always. 


  1. Players can select a gender identity other than man or woman when creating their member profile.
  2. Individual teams will have space available on team rosters for people who are non-binary, transitioning etc. 
  3. Our sports rules have been updated to remove references to gender advantages or disadvantages in the context of scoring, defending, or positioning.
  4. Urban Rec has become a member of Pride in Sport, a national not-for-profit sporting inclusion program specifically designed to assist sporting organisations at all levels. 


Urban Rec has long been at the forefront of efforts to drive gender equity in the social sports environment. While many of our counterparts in the adult recreation space claim to be facilitating mixed-gender environments, there are very few other adult recreation providers that are facilitating exclusively mixed-gender leagues with the minimum inclusion requirements that we have long held to be fundamental to our programs.

All sports need to have a minimum gender identity requirement. Without gender identity requirements within a mixed sports environment we would unfortunately take away the equity of women, men and non-binary individuals having access to play in a mixed-gender, social, fun and fair environment. Simply stated, we would become a male dominated sports club. 


  • Our sports rules have been updated to remove references to gender advantages or disadvantages in the context of scoring, defending, or positions. 
  • Where appropriate physical advantages and disadvantages have been taken into consideration.
  • These include Touch Football, Basketball, Softball, Flag Gridiron and Netball.
  • These rules are now live within your member dashboard and on our website.


  • Pride Round is happening nationally within all Urban Rec cities, Feb 20 till 24, 2023.
  • To acknoledge all of our LGBTQI+ community as well as the additional announcements and updates.
  • We welcome players to wear some rainbow to show their support.
  • In Sydney, Our Party Cart will be attending a league each night with support from our sponsor, Young Henrys.
  • Donate what you can for a sausage and a beer towards Access Social Sports, and PrideCup.
  • What is Access Social Sports? Check out our instagram post here.


Get to know your updated rules, continue to play with kindness and fairness. If you have a question about someone's gender identity before, during or after a game, talk to your Event Host. Urban Rec has zero tolerance for homophopia, biphobia and transphobia. 

These updates are new for our club and an ever-progressive process for us all. We will not get this right the first time, and we do not pretend to have it all figured out, but we promise we are trying our best. Through our membership with Pride in Sport and the input from our LGBTQI+ community, we will continue to update and evolve as necessary. Our commitment is enduring. 

If you have any questions or suggestions about the policy or updates, please contact [email protected] 

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Netball experience life changing for Emma Bastable
Feb 15

Netball experience life changing for Emma Bastable

February 15, 2023 - one year ago

Emma Bastable (far right) pictured with her teammates. 

By Renae Smyth

Transgender netballer Emma Bastable first started playing in the Urban Rec Netball league in Sydney’s inner suburb of Redfern in 2018. 

A mixed social competition that Emma signed up for as an individual on a whim. A daunting step to take, given she didn’t know her teammates or the rules of the game.

Although, having played cricket, rugby and soccer growing up, Emma knew the rules and friendships would come later. So, for now, she focused on the fun and the opportunity to switch off from her days, working as a solicitor.

Taking more than eight years away from playing any sport, Emma admits there was always a concern in the back of her mind. An uneasy feeling that she may not be accepted by her team or the club.

“I was worried about the transgender stuff at first, I think that was one of the reasons why I hadn’t played sport for so long,” she said.

To her surprise, her gender was never a problem.

“It was totally not a big deal. Everyone accepted me and validated me in my gender. It was just never an issue,” she said.

Emma felt the support of fellow teammates and instantly felt welcome. Pulling on the GK bib for ‘The Flinstones’ felt right.

“I got really lucky in a way. I met a group of people that I really liked,” she said.

“The team was super supportive. I told them that I had never played netball before, so they were giving me tips and helping me along the way.”

Emma now plays multiple nights a week in five different teams and can’t imagine life without the game.  

“Netball has become such a huge part of my life and a big part of my identity.

“Having positive experiences over and over again has just made it easy to slowly start to play in more leagues and progress my abilities.

“I don’t know what I would be doing with a lot of my time if I hadn’t had such a good experience [with netball].”

The community netballer has thrown her support behind Netball Australia’s recent announcement of policy guidelines for inclusion of transgender and gender diverse athletes in the elite competitions.

“Diverse representation at higher levels is just so important for making everyone feel welcome in the leagues and in the teams.

“Kids look up to high-profile players and if they decide to pursue netball more seriously as a career, it is comforting to know that it’s an option for them. An option for everyone.”

To Emma, knowing the netball community has provided pathways and opportunities for others like her within the sport brings a level of acceptance, but hopes to see more engagement at the grassroots level.

“It’s really important for transgender people to be accepted and given the opportunity and to know that someone out there has there back.

“It takes a lot to take that first step of signing up for a community sport and if you have a bad experience, it could be enough to disincentivise you to stop playing sport all together.

“Encouraging  transgender people to participate in community sport goes a long way to changing attitudes and normalising acceptance of us and showing that we’re just out there doing our own thing and living a normal life.”

Emma will be a voice within the transgender and gender diverse community that will work with Netball Australia and netball member organisations as they develop policy guidelines for inclusion of transgender and gender diverse netballers at a community level.

Taking that brave step onto the court is an experience that Emma believes has changed her life and the person she has become, very much for the better.

“I’ve made so many friends through netball, friends that I never would have met before if I wasn’t playing netball,” she said.

“It allows me to be a better person and live a better life than I otherwise would be.”

For the original post from Netball Australia: 

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Summer Priority Registration
Nov 27

Summer Priority Registration

November 27, 2022 - one year ago

SUMMER IS ALMOST HERE and priority registration is 28 nov – 09 dec!

If you’re currently playing with us, Priority Registration is your chance to register into your current league before things open up to other teams! Nice. Skip the FOMO stage completely by having peace of mind you’ve got a spot.

BUT → that spot it limited, so don’t miss out registering during Priority Registration!

This season your team will have the chance to win your team registration back! I.e. a FREE TEAM REGO (value up to $1000). WOW. does it work?!

  1. On Monday, 28 November @ 12:01a, your team captain will receive an email from Urban Rec HQ with a link to register your team.
  2. Simply have your team captain register your team via that link anytime between Monday, 28 November and Friday, 09 December, and you’ll be entered into the draw to win your team registration back!
  3. The winner will be selected the week of 12 December.


  • We’re switching team captains...what happens?
    No stress! We’ll email the link to all players mid-week and/or simply reach out to UR HQ = [email protected] and we’ll send the new captain the link directly.
  • I don’t have the $$ from all my teammates...what do I do?
    Simply put down a $150 deposit to secure your team spot and your chance to win your registration back. Deposit links can  be found on your league specific page OR reach out to UR HQ = [email protected] and we’ll send you the deposit link directly.
  • We forgot to register between 28 Nov – 09 Dec...can we enter late to  be considered for the free team rego?
  • Nope. So sorry, but early bird gets the worm so to speak! You’ll need to register before 11:59pm on Friday, 09 December to be eligible to enter the draw.
  • We want to switch sports. Is that ok?
    Of course! Variety is the spice of life, so definitely ok to switch sports, provided it’s not sold out!

If you have any questions that haven’t been answered here, just reach out! We’re happy to help! xx

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Netball Etiquette
Oct 1

Netball Etiquette

October 1, 2022 - one year ago

Urban Rec’s point of difference from almost all other sport providers, is that we care about the experience had by absolutely everyone involved within our leagues, including our staff.

As with all Urban Rec leagues, we do not tolerate disrespectful or rude humans. We are inclusive, and welcome all levels of ability, and as a consequence – we are tough on any team or player who goes against our culture. 

To make things super clear, we have compiled a list of Urban Rec Netball player etiquette. Keep these points in mind, when playing in any of our competitions. It’s the Urban Rec way… 


  • Defend your opposing player face to face outside the goal circle, it's an old school netball tactic an it's way too intense for social netball.
  • When defending a shot, if you lose balance, don’t use this as an opportunity to intimidate the shot. 
  • Go for a pass like it's an AFL catch, if there is contact on a pass/catch like this, our Event Hosts will always award posession to the attacking team.
  • If you are the team who hit the ball out of play, be the team to collect it...doesn’t matter if it’s not your throw in. 
  • Trash talk the opposition or your own team! Goes without saying. Don’t be a rude.  
  • Make calls or question a call of one of our hosts – this creates a shitty atmosphere and ruins our staff members evening and other players evenings. Wait till quarter time and have an adult conversation about your concerns. 
  • Don’t make passive aggressive calls under your breath, talk to your host at quarter time. 
  • Be way too competitive that it could be mistaken as aggression.


  • Always put the enjoyment and respect of your opponents, ahead of your desire to win.
  • Remember your Event Host is not a referee.  
  • Socialise with other teams, they are not the enemy.
  • Be honest – if you stepped, or contacted a player by accident, step out of play and let the opponent take a pass.
  • Support and coach players that seem to be struggling.
  • Play to the ability of your opposition, give beginner players and extra second, but compete when you see a player who knows the game/rules well. 
  • Win and lose graciously – its fine to be good and its fine to win, but don’t enjoy dominating a team so bad that it spoils their game (points for and against is NEVER used in our standings). Same goes when you are on the losing side, its fine to lose and it really doesn’t matter if you’ve lost so do so with a smile on your face, you can still have a good time surrounded by mates.
  • Cheer for the opposition if they pull off something spectacular.
  • Always shake your oppositions hands

Do you play in our Netball leagues? Do you think we have missed something? Is there any behaviour or bad etiquette you would like to see abolished? Send us a message to [email protected] or contact your League Manager.

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