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Netball - Urban Rec style!
May 11

Netball - Urban Rec style!

May 11, 2022 - 14 days ago

Hi y’all! Our Wednesday night Netball-7s league is starting up tonight, so we felt this was a good time to remind everyone of how Netball rolls with Urban Rec.

We know Netball is one of Aussies most beloved sports, and we also know that it can be a complicated beast. In order to keep the vibes safe, social and fun, and keep all players happy, there’s some things we do a lil’ differently than your traditional Saturday Netball competition.

#1 = OUR EVENT HOSTS → We pride ourselves on making sure our Event Hosts are most than just faceless umpires. Our staff have personality and a coaching style. We recognize that in order to learn, you need someone who knows the rules intimately, so we are committing to hiring Event Hosts who have umpiring experience or an intimate understanding of the rules.

  • Please note this does NOT mean that they are there to solely blow the whistle at every tiny infraction.
  • This means that they are there to offer coaching and support you in learning the rules.
  • It also means that they have the ability to make some switcharoos with some rules or be more leniant if they feel it will positively impact the game.

#2 = CALLING YOUR OWN CONTACTS, OFFSIDES & STEPPING → Across all Urban Rec leagues, we ask you to be adult enough to make these calls if you know you’ve made a mistake. We never want our leagues to be where people come to cheat...BUT if you are a learning or genuinely don’t know you’ve made a mistake, our Event Hosts will make the calls and explain it to you.

  • I.e. if you stuff up and don’t call yourself out, our Event Host will in hopes that you’ll learn and be better at making the call for yourself next time.

#3 = ‘OPEN’ LEAGUES → Our Netball leagues are ‘open’ leagues, meaning that you can have an all female team OR a mixed team. If you have a mixed team, there is a maximum of 3 males on the court at a given time, with positions as follows:

Male players shall play one in each area of the court (mid court, goals and defense)

The combination is one male in either:

  • GS or GA
  • WA or C or WD
  • GD or GK

** Please see the fancy diagram for reference where 1 male is allowed in each of the oval areas. **


STREET NETBALL:  This style of Netball is basically the gateway sport for people who are new to the sport, and want to learn more. We take away all the intimidating factors. No bibs, fewer postisions, and in some cases, fewer hoops (wow). The same principals apply, and the basics of netball remain, but this is Netball re-imagined, and re-purposed for people that truly want to play a simplistic and non-intimidating version of the game. Expect to see alot more of this style game popping up, and opportunities for you to learn and play this style of Netball.

7’S NETBALL: This is the style of Netball you have come to know and love. It’s proper 7-aside, and a more traditional version of the game. There is a bit more structure, and if you are a Netball purist, you should probably start here. HOWEVER!!!! → This is not some horrible and scary comp with faceless umpires, this is still Urban Rec style, meaning you will use fun points, and always play with a fun first attitude. We will continue to offer some more of these leagues across Wollongong, but we are concious that there’s plenty of other people doing it, and we don’t want to saturate the market!

These changes, we hope, will help elevate your experience and help you to choose the right league that suits you, and also understand that we are listening, and we do want to make changes if you guys are want them. It is, afterall… your sport. 

Do you have any suggestions you think would help improve our Netball leagues? Please shoot us an email [email protected] and let’s get chattin’.

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FriYAY Intern Corner
May 6

FriYAY Intern Corner

May 6, 2022 - 20 days ago

Meet Lucy & Chelsea

These legends are doing their internship with Urban Rec Wollongong and we’re STOKED to have them on board! You’ll see them around your leagues over the next month or so. They can’t wait to meet you all and help contribute to the positive vibes!

Each Friday, we’ll update the ‘FriYAY Intern Corner’ giving you a lil’ sneak peek of what they’ve been up to and what they think of all you amazing humans who play with us!


This week began with an exciting Season Launch! My first port of call was Monday Night Basketball with Event Host Patrick! With the season being a SELL OUT having a full 8 teams registered, we had a big night! Great to meet all the smiling faces returning to Urban Rec, with lots of new faces to basketball as well!  

All our teams had been with us at Urban Rec before, playing a variety of sports such as soccer, netball, and multi-sport! So, it was awesome to see everyone already learning and growing in the sport of basketball, seeing lots of lay-ups, key plays and even the odd 3-pointer to boost the scoreboard! Really looking forward to getting to know each team as the season goes on, I think this is going to be a fun one!  


Another great week down at Urban Rec! This week was my first experience becoming an Event Host. Every Thursday I will be Event hosting soccer with James. To say the weather wasn’t great was an understatement, with it absolutely pouring down rain. Luckily, we were on the synthetic hockey fields! We had some news teams including a new individual’s team which was amazing. To see and be a part of the other side of what Urban Rec does on a league night was fantastic. The night went well with everyone having fun in the rain, there were so many fun and laughable moments. I can’t wait to be an Event Host in the coming weeks.  


Hey everyone! My name is Lucy and I am super excited to be on board with Urban Rec as an intern in the position of Assistant League Manager! I am currently studying a Bachelor of Sport at UOW and was lucky enough to be selected for this internship with such a great organisation! So far, I have had the pleasure with working alongside Lindsay who has allowed me to help all of you guys by getting our Autumn leagues up and running! On Monday night, I was lucky enough to head out to Illawarra Sports High to run our Netball competition with Event Host Grace. It was such a great experience talking and getting to know the teams who were coming on board with us this autumn. The spirits were high as Grace’s tunes kept the vibes happening across our three games. I can’t wait to see what this season brings, and I cannot wait to meet more of you out there!


On Monday was the epic launch of the Soccer and Multisport season. It was a massive evening with 2 leagues starting up and 19 teams to manage. It was quite an interesting day, seeing as the UOW graduation was on in the Sports Hub. This created quite a distraction from being able to find a car parking spot to not being able to access the office until a certain time, to the hockey fields being out of action. With being unable to access the hockey fields Multisport was relocated to the oval. Luckily the grass oval was open to play on even though it was quite squishy and slippery. This meant that three fields going all at once with the amazing event hosts DP, Leo and Morgan. To say I was a bit nervous was an understatement. The thought of being at a big launch night with so many new faces, new sports, kit bags and goals to pack the nerves started to set in. Not only this but ensuring that I understood and knew how to say the welcoming speech and be able to greet and organise all the teams. Once games started and came to an end, I had to make sure I posted fun stories on the Urban Rec Instagram. This involved asking players what the best thing was about the game or what they were looking forward to for the rest of the season.

To say the night was a success was an understatement. The ability to understand all the factors that come into consideration to make a launch night was unbelievable. To be able to interact with all the teams, hear great feedback about how much fun they were having and to the event hosts on making the games so much fun was amazing.

Massive credit must go to Lindsay because without her amazing skills and guidance I wouldn’t know a single thing to do, and the leagues wouldn’t be able to launch. I am looking forward to seeing how the rest of the season plays out.

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Summer MFPs
May 4

Summer MFPs

May 4, 2022 - 21 days ago

CONGRATS to all our Summer MFPs!

This past season, we awarded a MFP (most fun player) each game. This person was chosen by their opposition as someone who displayed the true spirit of Urban Rec. We send our HUGE appreciation to these players for embodying our Fun First Policy and being influential in bringing the smiles and laughs each week.

As a show of thanks, we’re Urban RECognizing you here, and will be doing a prize draw so some of you lucky winners will receive some sweet AF Urban Rec merch.

If you want a chance at being an MFP for the Autumn seasons, be sure to check out our Fun First Policy and embrace it!

<3 xx


  • Adam Baverstock
  • Akima Purdon
  • Angus Brooks
  • Angus Warnock
  • Annie Vanderstoep
  • Ashleigh Doherty
  • Barnaby Pekin-Stores
  • Bec Ellis
  • Braith Porteous
  • Braydon Webster
  • Byron Bullock
  • Cameron Shelley
  • Cayley Robertson
  • Celeste Murdoch
  • Chelsea Ripia
  • Cheyenne Vetenibua-Finnerty
  • Cody Cowin
  • Cody Crowe-Pace
  • Daniel Christodoulou
  • Denzie White
  • Edward Atkinson
  • Elisabeth Breuninger
  • Elise Nandan
  • Elizabeth Boyd
  • Ellen Mckendry
  • Ellie Ames
  • Ellise Breust
  • Ethan Hedger
  • Finn Holdgate
  • George Peter
  • Hannah Walton
  • Isabell McCallum-Keyte
  • Jade Smith
  • Jarrod Lynch
  • Jayda Hinkley
  • Jayden McInally-Rixon
  • Jayne Emms
  • Jennifer Gardner
  • Jescinta Brennan-Lal
  • Jesse Jarvis
  • Kane Taylor
  • Kate Bradley
  • Kate De Abel
  • Kathy Olafson
  • Katie Robinson
  • Kelsey Bamford
  • Kiana Ryan
  • Kimberley Smythe
  • Kiosha Gardner
  • Kirra Somerville
  • Kirsty MacKinnon
  • Leah Brown
  • Loren Laughlan
  • Lucy Gray
  • Luis Mota
  • Maggie Leonard
  • Maighan Mashford
  • Maree March
  • Marielle Cleary
  • Melinda Herron
  • Mia Lock
  • Morgan Whittall
  • Morgan Ramsay
  • Mrudula Dhamgawe
  • Nathanael Hutchinson
  • Nic Heaps
  • Nicole Shelley
  • Nilesh Rohit
  • Orla Driscoll-Carmody
  • Patricia Argue
  • Peter Tran
  • Petra Reinl
  • Rachael Hoddle
  • Rachel Salmon
  • Rebecca Kinchinton
  • Rhianna Padwick
  • Ross Yeoman
  • Roy Nunes
  • Scott McIntosh
  • Seth Reay
  • Shania Fogg
  • Sheridan Gho
  • Simone Chambers
  • Siri Schlebaum
  • Sofia Rosenberg
  • Stuart Derbridge
  • Talina Dolan
  • Tess Loder
  • Tim Crameri
  • Tomothy Kirkwood
  • Utkarsh Verma
  • Vivian Tang
  • Vladimir Pan
  • Zane Nutter

If you were awarded a MFP card but are not on this list, you didn’t register yourself! Oh no! We still thank you for being you! :)

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How do I not be a douchebag whilst playing Social Sport
May 4

How do I not be a douchebag whilst playing Social Sport

May 4, 2022 - 21 days ago

The million dollar question, ‘How do I not be a douchebag whilst playing Social Sport’….well it’s simple. Just, don’t! Not being a douchebag is a lot simpler than you think...

Still need some tips? Take a seat in my office, let’s talk.

Let’s set the scene shall we..

It’s a nice Summer Thursday night, around 19 degrees, no wind, beautiful sunset & the vibes are immaculate.

🏐We head over to Netball, bibs are on, smiles are on (tip number one: always smile) and the games are getting started. You quite quickly figure out that your opposition are newer to the sport and are still picking up the rules and concept of the game.

  • DO NOT: Show them how it’s done by intercepting every ball, defending at 100%, putting players in positions of strength.
  • DO: Mix up your positions, give them extra space to pass and shoot, encourage them, help them, HAVE FUN WITH THEM.

🏀If we look over to our left, we have a Basketball game, the sounds of ‘Shoot a 3’ and ‘Half Court, you wont’. The laughter is broken with a ‘oh come on man, that was a dick move’. Let's go over and see what it’s all about.

  • DO NOT: Assert your dominance by swatting the ball on someone half your size, stealing the ball from behind when they’re not looking or out of their hands. Full court pressing to get those defensive stats up & act as if you’re in the NBA (hot tip: they don’t even full court press 90% of the time).
  • DO: Take & encourage the 3 point & half court shots. Someone on a roll and dribbling towards to hoop? Give them space and let them give it a go. Half court defence is the best defence (why tire yourself out for no reason ya know?). Yelling out plays? No one thinks your cool.

🏉What’s that to our right? Touch Footy & ‘Untouched’ by The Veronicas blasting from the sideline. Hell yeah, lets go. Doesn’t take long on the sideline to notice the guy with backwards hat is really making an impression, not in the good way…

  • DO NOT: Notice a female on the wing, drive as hard as you can towards her, goose step left, no, goose step right, spin, burn her so hard she slips over, jump over her and sprint towards the sideline, TRY!
  • DO: Notice a female on the wing, keep running straight, you might be able to get around her, she slips over, stop running and help her up. Take the tap and start again from where you are. Not all heroes wear capes, or backwards hats..

As you can see, it really isn’t hard. Being a douchebag is not cool, especially in SOCIAL sport. If you need any more tips, hit us up, were always happy to help make douchebags less douchey.

This article was written by Leish Charters – League Manager, Canberra. 

If you would like to play non-douche bag sports with us, check out our leagues page to get started. 

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The Urban Rec App Is Here!
May 2

The Urban Rec App Is Here!

May 2, 2022 - 23 days ago

We’re stoked to say that the Urban Rec App is here! OMG!

This is going to make your member experience easier, more efficient and just overall better. Some of the things you’ll be able to do on the Urban Rec app are:

  • See your schedule
  • Enter scores
  • Check-in to your games (RSVP so you know how many people are coming & if you need to find subs)
  • Chat to teammates
  • See your standings
  • Access your unique Urban Rec member QR code to access perks
  • Check out our Urban Rec member perks

We will also be using this in HQ to track your rosters and waivers.

The Urban Rec App is available for iOS & Android.

Encourage your teammates to download it and starting using it too!

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NEW Leagues
Apr 1

NEW Leagues

April 1, 2022 - one month ago

Play sport & save moola $$ → YES please.

Until Monday, 25/04 at midnight, we’ve got 3 new sports that are 50% off for team and individual registrations!

We wanna share the joy of the forgotten fitness hack of social sport with you this autumn, so grab your mates and create a team OR join as an individual to make new friends.

Drop us a line to [email protected] if you’ve got any questions!

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Pub Week
Mar 17

Pub Week

March 17, 2022 - 2 months ago

Yes...that’s right → PUB WEEK!

Our clubhouse – North Gong Hotel – hosts a week of pub nights for us each season, and that spectacular week for our Summer seasons is 21-26 March! OMG...HOW FUN!

If you are currently on a Summer team, you’ll be on the list to indulge in some social shenanigans at North Gong Hotel. It’s a time for you to chillax with your teammates and also to meet other teams from within your own sport OR in our other Urban Rec leagues!

Steps to Indulge:

  • Decide on an ideal date/time with your team anyday next week = Monday, 21 March – Saturday, 26 March. (note – they are unable to accommodate Sunday bookings due to ‘Sunday Sesh’)
  • Book your table at North Gong Hotel. → In the booking notes, put URBAN REC & [your team name]
  • Rock up at your booking time **
  • Show your Urban Rec member dashboard to the bar to prove you’re on the team
  • Indulge in 2x FREE JUGS of a drink of your choice
  • ENJOY!

** If you rock up in Pajama Party theme AND tag us @urbanrecwollongong with #urpajamaparty, you’ll be entered to win a FREE team rego for Autumn! **

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It's a Pajama Party!
Mar 17

It's a Pajama Party!

March 17, 2022 - 2 months ago

Want a FREE team rego for Autumn?!

We've all got pajamas. So there's really no excuse to not participate in THEME WEEK = "PAJAMA PARTY".

But if you really needed a reason, how about the chance to win FREE team registration for next season?!

Next week, all teams who embrace the pajama party vibes AND share it will be entered into a draw to win a FREE team registration for Autumn.

Here's what your team needs to do to enter:

  • 21-27 March = Dress up in pajamas to your league and/or your pub night.
  • Take a pic of your team all dressed up
  • Tag us on social media @urbanrecwollongong with #urpajamaparty
  • You'll be entered into a draw to win free team rego for Autumn.
  • The draw will happen on Monday, 28 March and will be announced on Instagram.

Easy, right?!

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Hello Autumn!
Mar 16

Hello Autumn!

March 16, 2022 - 2 months ago


Summer’s on its way out and the days are getting shorter. But our love for all things social sport is as strong as ever, and we want you to fall in love with sport this autumn!

We’ve got 12 leagues on offer this autumn. WOW. And all have space for individual players and teams!






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Taste Tester of Sport
Feb 23

Taste Tester of Sport

February 23, 2022 - 3 months ago

Scared of commitment? → No worries! We’ve got your back.

Some of our SHORT SEASONS are online now and ready for you to join to give it a little taste test! Just like a sample pack at the pub, these leagues will give you a taste of sport in a small dose to see if it’s for you!

There are spots open for teams and individuals, so take a peek and pick what strikes your fancy!

If you’re ready to jump straight in for a full season, that’s ok too! Touch Footy @ UOW on Thursdays and Netball-7s @ Berkeley on Wednesdays still has spots!

If you’ve got questions, drop us a line to [email protected]

See ya soon! xx

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