Access Social Sports

Urban Rec is proud to announce our new association, Access SOCIAL SportS. 

The goal for Access  Social Sport Inc is to make sport accessible to all Australians with a focus on minority groups. From young people, to disabled, to high-risk demographics, we believe through sport you can build connections, lead a healthy life, and pursue your dreams.

Through fundraising the association plans to run free programming and events for high risk kids and adults –  and through our ambassador program support charities, other clubs, events and initiatives that need funding to support our goal.

Access Social Sports INC1900141. Contact: [email protected]

If you would like to raise money or awareness for your charity, talk to us about hosting an event together. We can organise all of the logisitics needed to make the event sucessful, expose your event to thousands of Sydney-siders, and help you raise a ton of money.

Below are some ideas of events we have done in the past to help inspire your brain.  One of our biggest Tournaments – DodgeFest – has raised over $9,000 over 3 years for Project Futures. 2014 Video. 2015 Video.  

  • Fancy Dress Dodgeball Tourney
  • Beach Volley Sunday Sesh
  • 20/20 Cricket Match
  • Not Sober Golf Day
  • Softball Tourney
  • Urban Multisport Day 

Contact Us About Hosting A Charity Event