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Having a well balanced, people centric workplace is tricky. The bigger the company the more silo’s seem to form. People walk into the kitchen and don’t know each other anymore. It’s utter madness. 

We can help start to fix that kind of thinking… two words. RECREATIONAL TEAM SPORTS. (That was 3. Are you paying attention?)

Urban Rec are offering an exclusive package to 10 like-minded companies in Sydney who love their team, and get that creative, productive peeps = harmony. 

For $3000 (affordable right?) your team can be treated to an entire year of interactive, social, competitive, and fitness FUN. Over the course of 12 months you choose the leagues and locations (and sports) that suit you and your team. (Value = $4000 – that’s 1K savings, CFO!). 

One team is about 6-10 people and can be made up of any amount of people. Meaning anyone in your company can sub in and play at any week, any season, any time of year.  It’s the team working together in a FUN, SAFE, and completely chilled environment. 

“We specialise in offering sports leagues for players and people who have not played sport since highschool, or at all. Our staff teach you everything you need to know, and learning something new, and having a good time through fitness is really the main objective”. Madeleine – Australian Founder, and all-round horrific sports-athlete.

We could go on forever about the benefits – but you’re a smart cookie. Click on the below button to see the info you need  to show the people that can make this happen. 

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