• The number of players shall be five (5) players, including the goalkeeper.

  • The team must include a minimum of two (2) male, two (2) female and all remaining players can be any gender including gender diverse people.

  • To start the game, this league requires your team to have a minimum of four (4) players participating, including one (1) male, one (1) female or one (1) gender diverse person, unless discussions pre game between teams allow no females.

  • If teams wish to play with six (6) players they must consult with their opposition before doing so and make sure both teams are happy to do so.

  • Please consider our Default, Forfeit, and Substitute Policy

  • Substitutes can be used as long as they have created an account and signed the most up to date Urban Rec waiver. During game play, substitutes can be made at any point in the game.



The game is played in two (2) 18-20 minute halves with a few minutes break at half time.


The field shall be rectangular with dimensions of 44 meters in length by 18 meters in width, i.e. the size of the 18-yard box of a normal soccer field. This may vary depending on the venue and ground allocation bookings. There is no corner area to be marked for outdoor soccer.  Corners shall be taken from the point where the goal line and sideline meet.


Captains will Scissors, Paper, Rock to determine who starts with the ball first, the losing team will start with the ball in the second half.


Each goal is worth one (1) point.



A game is started by a kick-off in a forward direction from the centre of the field. You cannot score directly off a kick-off. This is how the game starts at the beginning of the game, half time and after a goal is scored.


The ball is out of play when the ball has wholly crossed the goal line or sideline. To restart play after a ball has gone out, players must kick the ball in, not throw in. All throw ins are at the Event Host discretion.


 A player may not intentionally kick, trip, jump at, strike, hold, push, elbow, charge from behind or violently charge an opponent. Players should not swear, gesture, or argue with the Event Host or any player. Fouls can be awarded against the player for this behaviour. There are strictly NO slide tackling.


For the purposes of our recreational league, all free kicks are indirect.  An ‘indirect’ free kick is one where a goal cannot be scored unless another player other than the kicker has touched it. 

Players from the opposing team should be at least 4 meters from the ball when a free kick is taken. The free kick is to be taken from the spot where the free kick was awarded. Free kicks may be awarded for behaviour including, but not limited to the following:

  • Dangerous manner of play 

  • Impeding the progress of an opposition player 

  • Prevents the goalkeeper from releasing the ball

  • Causes unnecessary delays in play

  • Kicking or attempting to kick an opponent

  • Tripping or attempting to trip an opponent

  • Jumping at an opponent

  • Charging an opponent

  • Striking or attempting to strike an opponent

  • Pushing, elbowing or holding an opponent

  • Making contact with an opponent before the ball whilst making a tackle to gain possession of the ball

  • Handling the ball


 The ball must not intentionally kicked above shoulder height. This aids passing play, the ball is active for longer periods of time, more players are involved in the game and this limits the amount of unnecessary injuries.


Only the goalkeeper may touch the ball with their arms or hands, and only within the goal area.


In the event of a back pass to the goalkeeper, the goal keeper MUST NOT pick up the ball (i.e. it can only be played by the feet)

“GOAL KICKS” (GOAL ROLLS) “Goal kicks” 

will be in the form of rollout from the goal-keeper. Opponents must be clear of the goal area.  Goal rolls must be a roll (i.e. not an overhand throw) and must be on the ground.


When the ball passes wholly over the goal line and was last touched by a player from the defending team then a corner kick is awarded. Opposing players should be 4 meters from the ball. Corner kicks are at your Event Host discretion.



All Urban Rec leagues, irrespective of skill level, are fun-first. Our Event Hosts facilitate a fun, safe environment for teams. They will acknowledge, coach and make calls according to your level of experience playing the game. Urban Rec leagues expect a certain level of self-officiation, meaning that players are expected to display good sportsmanship to govern their behaviour. Open communication and camaraderie between teams is encouraged.


Urban Rec Event Hosts have the final say on any issue that cannot be self-resolved.

If you are seen to be rude or not playing within the respect of the rules, your Event Host has the right to ask you to sub and take a break. If your Event Host then has to warn you more times then they have the right to ask you to leave the field or court and an assessment will be made if you can return to play. We don’t tolerate idiots, play fair.


Urban Rec seeks to provide a safe, inclusive and happy environment for our members, staff and participants. Gender diverse, transgender and non-binary participants are welcome to play within our leagues along with any sexuality and persons from any background. Urban Rec has zero tolerance for bullying, discrimination or sexual harassment. 

Note that the above details are generic Soccer rules. The rules for each specific league may differ.