Autumn Flag Gridiron UOW [Tue]


🏅 SKILL LEVEL: This league is for ALL SKILL LEVELS - beginner (recreational) or experienced (intermediate). The league may be reseeded mid-season so all teams can enjoy healthy matched competition. If enough teams register into each skill level, you will be playing against teams to match your experience. Click here to see an explanation of skill levels (choose wisely).

NOTE – this league is an OPEN league, meaning there is not a minimum # of males or females required on the field. 

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦  TEAM REGISTRATION:  Team rego is payable upfront, and that fee is all you will have to pay for the season. When registering as a team, you can choose how many people you’d like to have on the roster including subs. The fees for this league are below!

:raising_hand: INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATION: Don’t have a team? Register as an individual, and we will match you with a team. The individual registration fee is the only cost you will have for the season. When you register as an individual player, we will provide you and your team with a uniform. Check out our Individual Player FAQs.

💰 RESERVE YOUR TEAM WITH A DEPOSIT: If you’re in charge of organizing the team, you might be still collecting everyone’s cashola to be able to register. To make it easy, you can choose to pay a $150 deposit during the team registration process.

🚨REGISTRATION CLOSE DATE: Registrations for this league close 4-5 days before the league start date, if not sold our prior.

Skill Level: Recreational, Intermediate

Gender: Coed

Day of the Week:

10 weeks

Start Date: 21 May 2024

Game Times:
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (Tuesday)

Team Fee: $990.00 (Tax incl.)

Individual Fee:
$149.00 (Tax incl.)


[UOW] Oval 2
Northfields Ave
Dharawal Country, New South Wales 2522