COVID Policy

Updated 22 Dec 2021

Urban Rec are continuously adjusting our policies and protocols to ensure that recreational sports can continue to be played safely in accordance with all laws and Public Health Orders. Sport is now accessible to all, regardless of vaccination status. Players and staff are no longer required to check in or show proof of vaccination.

Updated forfeit and default policy:

Covid-19 as a reason for defaulting or forfeiting a game is an accepted rational by Urban Rec. Please note that even with Covid-19, all usual forfeit policy rules apply.

In the event for a forfeit, please give as much notice as possible to allow us to perform our usual processes of arranging a friendly or alternative game for your opponent. To avoid a potential default fee, the deadline is 5pm the day before your game is due to be played.

If your entire team (more than 5 people) need to default (not attend without suitable notice) due to government direction related to Covid-19, including being a close contact, you will be required to show proof of testing to avoid paying the default fee.

Staff requirements:

Urban Rec will be asking all our employees, staff and contractors to be vaccinated.

qr codes for urban rec leagues:

The Service NSW QR Code check-in system will remain in place and will be used to notify people who were in the same venue as a positive case. We encourage all members to follow the advice given to you by NSW Health.

ongoing covid-safe compliancE:

We continue to adhere to all ongoing guidance provided by the NSW Government, this includes the following.

  • Adherence to the 4sqm rule and maximum 20 people
  • QR Codes and signage for each venue and league
  • Ongoing use of our COVID Clean Fact Sheet
  • Cleaning of all equipment, including balls, cones, flags, etc
  • Removal of bibs supplied at games
  • Communication with venues to ensure general hygiene standards are being met by our partner venues
  • Continuous review of our policies as Public Health Orders and guidance change
  • Development of a staff and member education plan